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UK’s first beyond net-zero warehouse completed

Warehouse developer Prologis has constructed the UK’s first warehouse that is beyond net-zero carbon emissions. This is achieved by energy-generating technology that produces more energy than the warehouse uses.

The warehouse, located near Daventry, is a 435,000-square-foot building that features technology that harvests rainwater, along with a 2.4 MW solar system on the roof that sends surplus electricity not required by the warehouse to the electricity grid. This is then used to power other domestic and commercial properties.

In addition, the warehouse is rated outstanding on the BREAM scale, which measures the sustainability and environmental friendliness of construction methods and materials. The outstanding rating has been given to only 1% of commercial buildings in the UK. The warehouse also has a top EPC rating of A+.

In a statement, Martin Copper of Prologis UK said:

“All our new warehouses in the UK have been net-zero carbon in construction for the past 14 years, but this building at Apex Park takes carbon reduction to a new level.”

The warehouse uses electric vehicles charged by solar panels. Manual handling equipment items used in the warehouse, such as heavy duty trolleys, require no external energy.

The government wants the UK to achieve net-zero carbon emission status by 2050. The Prologis warehouse project demonstrates that new commercial buildings can rate better than zero carbon emissions. A building that is not connected to the National Grid electricity or gas supply saves expensive fuel bills.

Prologis was awarded the Terra Carta seal in 2021 to recognise the company’s contribution to a sustainable future.

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