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Packing benches simplify the processing of orders

Packing benches are a very simple form of technology, but this doesn’t mean that any bench will do.

When it comes to processing orders, you need a packing bench that has a shelf attached for storing everything needed to pack items – the tape machine, paper, boxes, labels and so on. The operator will probably also need access to a computer monitor or laptop. There are several solutions available that will hold a monitor, keyboard or laptop so that the operator can easily confirm that an order has been packed ready for dispatch.

Most workers pack items standing up, so it is important that the bench is at the right height for them so that they can pack without having to bend. If the packing employee is smaller or taller than average, packing bench manufacturers will make a bench to a custom height.

Packing stations need to be flexible and able to respond to surges in orders. Some businesses have seasonal busy periods, especially pre-Christmas. Retailers that have e-commerce websites, as well as physical shops, may find that an increasing percentage of their orders come from online channels.

The area where the packing bench is located should not be restricted. There needs to be space to put more packing benches that extend the station should orders increase.

A packing bench needs to be strong as it has to cope with heavy activity, so cheap packing benches made of flimsy material should be avoided. Packing benches made from tubular steel lengths that are welded together are lightweight but very strong, so they should last many years even in a very busy warehouse.

In warehouses that process many orders every day, the equipment used, from the shelves to the trolleys, should be premium quality. Packing benches are no exception.

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