Seven “don’ts” when handing glass

You don’t need us to tell you that glass is fragile and breaks easily, yet glass-related accidents and injuries in the workplace remain common – usually because of (more…)

How do you store glass panels?

Glass panels that are not stored safely are an injury risk, and care always needs to be taken when handling. The panels should be stored using an (more…)

Report predicts surge in demand for glass handling equipment

A new report by QYR Research has predicted a surge in demand for glass handling equipment such as A-frames.

The reason for (more…)

How A-frames offer safe hands for glass companies

Window companies like Anglia, Everest and Safestyle manufacture hundreds of thousands of windows each year. Other companies produce glass products such as (more…)

Improving warehouse efficiency in five simple steps

An efficient and well organised warehouse can not only save you money, but is crucial for improving and maintaining customer satisfaction. Ensuring the right goods are sent out on time is a matter of good organisation and (more…)

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